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As a small business owner once said to us, "I'm an electrician, not an accountant!  Why do I need to be spending so much time on my accounting and I'm not even good at it?"

Cloud accounting is referred to by some commentators as a revolution because of its simplicity and efficiency.  No software is installed on your PC - all you need is an internet connection and you can connect with a PC, laptop, tablet - even a smart phone!

Some of the cost and efficiency gains are:
  • bank feeds to your accounts - usually daily.  Means that doing a bank reconciliation is a very simple and quick part of your accounting process;
  • as your accountant, we can also access your file rather than wait for you to bring it in.  It means we can get things done a bit quicker;
  • you never need to make another back up.  As we say at MCB Accounting - their backups are better than yours will ever be;
  • some plans start from as little as $9 per month;
  • dashboards on the home page provide a snapshot of the business every time you log in;
  • we have found that showing non-accountants how to use an accounting program has never been easier than cloud solutions.

MCB Accounting is proud to be certified partners for two of the most popular cloud solutions:

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